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Game Thread: Trevor Williams looks to get back on track against the Brewers

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Pirates’ right-hander Trevor Williams (5-4, 4.38) will be in search of some studliness tonight as the 42-28 Milwaukee Brewers come to Pittsburgh for the start of a three game series at PNC Park.

Owner of a 2.29 ERA on April 28, Williams has only managed one quality start in his last eight, five times allowing four more runs, allowing a 301/339/519 batting line and a 6.28 ERA over that stretch.

He’ll be opposed by the veteran 30 year old right-hander Jhoulys Chacin (6-1, 3.32). After six seasons in Colorado, he’s now with his fifth team in the four years since. He signed with the Brewers after a 3.89 ERA in 32 starts for the Padres in 2017, and this year is average 3.7 walks and 7.1 strikeouts per 9 innings, with only 6 homers allowed in 15 starts.

Chacin’s fastball, which has never topped 91.2 mph, average 89.6 this year. He throws a four-seamer 33% of the time, followed by two-seamer 23%, slider 25%, change 10% and curve 7%.

So far this year he’s allowed a 742 OPS to left-handed batters on a 256/357/385 line, while being very stingy against the same sided right-handers, with only a .568 OPS on a 196/253/315 line.

The Brewers will have only three left-handed batters in their lineup to face Williams, who’s allowed a .778 OPS to them (278/350/429) while .695 against right-handers (233/288/404)



1 R Lorenzo Cain CF

2 L Christian Yelich CF

3 R Ryan Braun LF

4 L Eric Thames 1B

5 R Hernan Perez 3B

6 S Jonathan Villar 2B

7 R Erik Kratz C

8 R Orlando Arcia SS

9 R Jhoulys Chacin RHP



1 R Josh Harrison 2B

2 L Corey Dickerson LF

3 R Starling Marte CF

4 L Colin Moran 3B

5 R Francisco Cervelli C

6 S Josh Bell 1B

7 L Gregory Polanco RF

8 R Jordy Mercer SS

9 R Trevor Williams RHP