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Game Thread: Taillon takes on the Dodgers in a day game

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Quick & dirty, as I’m at work. Proceed commenting.

Here are the lineups:


  1. Pederson LF
  2. Muncy 3B
  3. Grandal C
  4. Kemp RF
  5. Bellinger 1B
  6. Taylor C SS
  7. Valera 2B
  8. Hernandez CF
  9. Hudson P


  1. Harrison 2B
  2. Polanco RF
  3. Marte CF
  4. Bell 1B
  5. Dickerson LF
  6. Moran 3B
  7. Diaz C
  8. Mercer SS
  9. Taillon P