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Pirates active on first day of international signing period

Los Angeles Dodgers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Today is the start of the 2018-19 signing period for international prospects. The Pirates have a bonus pool of $5,504,500 and they’ve already spent a big chunk on it. So far they’ve signed at least seven, possibly eight, players. (Sub. req’d.) has a list of players the Pirates have signed for $300,000 or more:

Luis Tejada, INF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Osvaldo Gavilan, OF, Dominican Republic -- $700,000
Sergio Campana, OF, Dominican Republic -- $500,000
Daniel Lopez, SS, Dominican Republic - $400,000
Juan Jerez, INF, Dominican Republic -- $380,000

In addition to those, Pirates Prospects reports that they’ve also signed left-handed pitcher Adrian Mendez and right-hander Antonio Gonzalez. Both are from Venezuela, so their bonuses won’t be available; bonuses for Venezuelan players are being kept confidential due to the potential danger to the players and their families. P2 notes that there is probably an eighth player who’ll become known shortly. You can find video and some other information on some of these players at the first link above.