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Pirates, seeking to recapture momentum from two weeks ago, activate Sean Rodriguez

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have activated Sean Rodriguez and optioned Tanner Anderson. Rodriguez will, of course, be in the starting lineup if tonight’s game takes place.

To explain the move, Neal Huntington sat down with a reporter who shall remain nameless.

Reporter: So, you’ve recalled Sean Rodriguez and his .145 batting average. Explain to us why he was placed on the disabled list.

NH: It was a quad strain.

And which side was that?


Didn’t Sean say it was the right side?

Just a minor misunderstanding on his part. He didn’t see the paperwork we sent in.

And what do you see as the purpose of bringing back a player with a 50 OPS+.

Well, he plays a vital role on a young team, or even one like ours that was young a few years ago. He makes sure the formerly young players understand how the game is played, what to do when the losses pile up. How you need to take it out on inanimate objects.

Like water coolers?

Yeah. Whatever you do, don’t punch a wall. X-rays are expensive.

And besides, you can lose the player for a while.

Oh . . . yeah, that, too.

Without Rodriguez, you had your most successful stretch since early in the season, winning seven of eight and sweeping five from the Brewers. How do you think he’ll impact the team’s momentum?

We don’t like to distract too much from our goal of 78-82 wins. If you win too much, expectations can get unrealistic for a small market team like ours. We saw that in 2016. He should help keep things on a reasonable level.

So you’re concerned the fans, because of the winning streak, might expect you to make the playoffs?

Definitely. They might even expect us to improve the team at the trade deadline. We have data on this. In polls, four of six — literally, four of our six remaining fans — expect us to try to improve the team.

Imagine that.

We’re confident Sean will help with that.