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Game Thread: Musgrove vs. Wheeler

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the game thread for this afternoon’s series finale against the Mets. Meadows is set to make his return to big league action following Corey Dickerson’s placement on the disabled list. He will be playing left field and batting 7th.



  1. Rosario SS
  2. Nimmo LF
  3. Flores 1B
  4. Bautista RF
  5. McNeil 2B
  6. Jackson CF
  7. Plawecki C
  8. Guillorme 3B
  9. Wheeler P


  1. Frazier 2B
  2. Marte CF
  3. Polanco RF
  4. Moran 3B
  5. Freese 1B
  6. Diaz C
  7. Meadows LF
  8. Rodriguez SS
  9. Musgrove P