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Locked on Pirates - Investigating HOOKGATE

Intrigue! Espionage! Ok, not really, but interesting TTO fodder at least.

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The latest episode of Locked on Pirates is LIVE. Today, host Jason Rollison dives deep into HOOKGATE.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans: take heart. The latest episode of Locked on Pirates is now LIVE.


Jameson Taillon, the starting pitcher on which Pittsburgh Pirates fans are pinning their hopes and dreams, and his manager Clint Hurdle are wading through the murky political waters of HOOKGATE.

Spurned on by Hurdle’s decision to pull Taillon after 77 pitches in Saturday’s 3-2 loss to the Phillies, Pirates twitter is inflamed with debate over the skipper’s decision to pull his best starting pitcher in a seemingly premature fashion.

Off the top rope, the club’s general manager, Neal Huntington, claims the decision was made due to Taillon’s splits suffering the third time through an order. Does Taillon truly suffer from a TTO penalty? Host Jason Rollison investigates and opines on Nick Kingham’s future.

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