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INTERVIEW: Joe Block talks analytics, Polanco and more

An illuminating talk about IT, Creamy Bullpens and much more

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Today I had the pleasure of talking to Pittsburgh Pirates Joe Block for the latest Locked on Pirates podcast.

The Pittsburgh Pirates found a good one when they brought in Joe Block to their announce team prior to the 2016 season. He graciously granted me some time for the Locked on Pirates podcast today while the club is in San Francisco. It was a lively talk that was very eye-opening in many ways. Here ya go:

Hear Joe’s thoughts on:

  • The role of analytics and advanced stats in his broadcast.
  • The maturation of Gregory Polanco
  • The “creaminess” of the current Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen,
  • And much more!

Also, quick note - There is talk at the beginning of the podcast about Joe’s use of the Microsoft OneNote app. I am an IT professional by day so I could not resist talking about this with him:

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