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I’d anticipated that Jordan Luplow would be back with the Cubs starting left-handed pitcher in all four of the games this weekend, but as he’d been down less than 10 days it would require someone being disabled - and that someone is Jordy Mercer with the leg discomfort he suffered the other day.

With that DL move, it appears that Kevin Newman will be the starting shortstop in Mercer’s absence. Newman was the Pirates top draft pick in 2015, selected 19th overall in the first round and has hit 302/348/407 with 4 home runs and 28 stolen bases so far this year at Triple-A Indianapolis and has a 288/342/389 career minor league batting line. Oliver projects Newman to have a 294 wOBA on a 262/305/357 line, with very good to excellent range and above average hands at shortstop.