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Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast - Off Day Mailbag redux

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Your favorite Pittsburgh Pirates podcast is back with a new name and a mailbag episode. Well, if it’s not your favorite at least it IS a Pirates podcast. Can’t take that away.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans will have a new podcast feed to subscribe to. Out of the ashes of Locked on Pirates comes RIVER BLAST RADIO - a new singular podcast feed that will host a variety of shows.

My contribution is The Buccocast - a twice weekly podcast. Here’s the “first” episode, a mailbag episode at that. I brought in BD’s Alex Stumpf — who will be another voice on the podcast feed along with 93.7 The Fan’s Noah Hiles — to rifle through some questions. Hope you enjoy! And please - if you had subscribed before please see the info below about how to subscribe to the new feed. Thanks!

Pittsburgh Pirates fans – Subscribe, Rate, Review!

River Blast Radio is the semi-daily Pittsburgh Pirates podcast feed of choice for Pirates fans.

Jason Rollison from Bucs Dugout and others will help you through the 2018 Pittsburgh Pirates season and beyond.

You can help chart the podcast’s success by subscribing to our podcast and writing a review!

NOTE: as of this time, we are still awaiting iTunes approval, but we are available at the following locales until then: