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Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast: River Blast Podcast - The Jim Leyland Episode

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Your favorite Pittsburgh Pirates podcast is back with a new episode Well, if it’s not your favorite at least still say that it IS a Pirates podcast. You could definitely say that.

Pittsburgh Pirates fans will have a new podcast feed to subscribe to. Out of the ashes of Locked on Pirates comes RIVER BLAST RADIO - a new singular podcast feed that will host a variety of shows.

BD’s own Alex Stumpf and 93.7 The Fan producer Noah Hiles bring you the latest River Blast Podcast, The Jim Leyland Episode.

A Leyland Nugget

Back in 2015 I was running Rumbunter (I lay no claim to what it is now), and I got the chance to cover the Chuck Tanner Awards Banquet that year. You can read that write up here.

But the real story was Jim Leyland. There was a silent auction of typical sports memorabilia stuff for charity. Leyland was walking around checking out the items by himself. I was near him and I heard him mumble something..I couldn’t quite make out what it was. But he was clearly annoyed with something. Someone came over to him, patted him on the back. I heard Leyland say this:

“What can we get the hell out of here and go get a real drink.”

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River Blast Radio is the semi-daily Pittsburgh Pirates podcast feed of choice for Pirates fans.

Jason Rollison from Bucs Dugout and others will help you through the 2018-2019 Pittsburgh Pirates off-season and beyond.

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