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Bucco Breakfast: Fan Post Friday

It’s time for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to take the stage in another installment of Fan Post Friday.

We start off with a post that was a tad prophetic since its subject grabbed headlines this week. IsIt2015Yet? asked last week if Willians Astudillo could be a good player for the Pirates to target if they do trade Cervelli, and then he went viral by hitting this home run.

Read more in IsIt2015Yet’s post.

It’s not simply that he’s done well in Venezuela. Delmon Young has done well in Venezuela. It’s Venezuela. What’s important is that Astudillo has proven himself everywhere.

RedRage97 has become a staple of Fan Post Fridays, and he’s back again this week, this time calculating the cost of a win above replacement and which teams spent their money most effectively.

Is Bryce worth $20M next season? Mostly likely yes probably more, but it is a good baseline to start from.

We’ll round up this week’s posts with a quickie from Chiburgh, who is looking for advice from anyone who has done a Dodgers Stadium tour before.

Daily Links

It seems like we’re on the path to a 2022 work stoppage with the way free agency is going again. If it happens, this Yasmani Grandal contract is going to be symbolic.

Grandal should have gotten a multi-year deal, but at least Brian Dozier got the one year bounce back contract he needed.