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Bucco breakfast: FanPost Friday

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

To begin our review of the week’s FanPosts, jerrybryan42 provides a Defense of Bob Nutting. He concludes that the “Pirates will not magically have the payroll of the Dodgers or Cardinals.” Those of you who thought they would, please raise your hand.

DG Lewis suggests a new structure for MLB in Rich League, Poor League. I especially like his idea of an ESPN League, which would mean the Pirates would get . . . exactly the same coverage on ESPN that they get now.

Redrage97 ponders what it would take to get Manny Machado. Dan Lozano will like this a lot more than he likes Buster Olney.

Finally, zogger52 notes that there are a lot of interesting free agents still out there. His post is nearly a week old, but nothing has changed since then. Adam Jones certainly should interest a team that has no fourth outfielder and is counting on Hopalong Chisenhall as a starter.