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Bucco breakfast quiz: Name the Pirates’ best and worst baserunners since 2008

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Another quiz. I’m actually running short on ideas for the morning post and the Pirates aren’t helping. Even when there’s a rare rumor concerning them, it gets shot down in a heartbeat. It’s almost like the internet is offended at the idea of the Pirates making news.

Anyway, this quiz isn’t exactly the Pirates’ best and worst baserunners, it’s the ten highest and lowest percentages in taking the extra base. It’s the player’s cumulative percentage with the Pirates since and including 2008. Some of these players were with the Pirates before 2008, but nothing before that year counted. I looked at any player who had at least one season with 300+ PAs from 2008-18. XBT% is the percentage of times a player was able to go from first to third or second to home on a single, or from first to home on a double.

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