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Bucco Breakfast: Fan Post Fridays

It’s time for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to take the stage in another installment of Fan Post Friday.

There was a rumor this week that the Pirates were connected to uber-free agent Manny Machado. Burdman23 opines a signing would not only help the team, but management, too.

TV contracts are the most important revenue stream to a baseball team, and are what separate usually separate good/avarage/bad teams. Many people, myself included, think the Archer and Kela trades were made with this in mind. A Machado signing would almost definitely pay itself off from the TV deal many times over.

The 2019 NL Central just might be the most brutal division in decades, and IsIt2015Yet? wonders if the Pirates have been passed by the Reds.

New Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera was the last player to wear number 42. Number 21 should also be retired league wide, writes JerryBryan42.

That is what universally retired jersey numbers should represent: the men who’s actions transcend the game of baseball.

Daily Links

Pirates prospect Stephen Alemais came on the River Blast Podcast to talk about New York baseball and his time in the Bucs’ farm system.

The Athletics don’t have a radio deal yet, so it looks like they’ll emphasize streaming broadcasts more in 2019.

Jay Jaffe did some terrific work for FanGraphs this Hall of Fame election cycle. His retrospective, candidate by candidate breakdown is up now.