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Bucco Breakfast: Fan Post Fridays

It’s time for Pittsburgh Pirates fans to take the stage in another installment of Fan Post Friday.

Bucs Dugout has the BEST community of Pittsburgh Pirates fans in its comments and fanposts sections; Here is another spotlight on the best from the community over the past week.

Roberto uses projections to dive further into the team’s need for a SS upgrade:

Many names have been floated as replacements for the current duo of Newman and Gonzalez. Most do not impress. Here are some Steamer fWAR projections

RedRage97 warns against rebuilding:

There have been a few fans and bloggers out there calling for the Pirates to go into rebuild mode. Going into a full on rebuild mode can be very beneficial a year or three down the line both financially and for the team’s performance. Before we get too far let me clarify what I would consider a full on rebuild mode is. Full rebuild would mean trading off any players of value to pick up young controllable prospects or first year players who could make an MLB impact in the next year or two. So if you think along the lines of I do, it should be pretty clear that this is pretty much already where the Pirates are at. But just to be safe we’ll run down the positions quickly.

Dipping into the Fanshots section for a moment, Blind Squirrel passed along this video below:

These are always great.

Daily Links

  • Over at his “other” Pittsburgh Pirates writing gig, Alex Stumpf wonders what was the best pitch on the 2018 Pirates.
  • Baseball Prospectus ($) has transaction analysis on the Cincinnati Reds trade that landed them Yasiel Puig.