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Trivia Tuesday: Emerald Isle Edition

Patsy Donovan in his playing days
Out of the Ballpark Series via Green Weenie blog

Welcome back to another edition of Trivia Tuesday! As promised (or threatened, depending on your viewpoint), this week we’ll be taking a closer look at Irish-born old school Pirates. Most of them were roster blips, but there was one legit star and a couple more who carved out decent MLB careers. Don your green and fire up your search engines!

Catcher Jimmy Archer started and somewhat ended his 14-year career in the majors with the Pirates. With what team did he play for the majority of his career?

A. St. Louis Cardinals B. Chicago Cubs C. Philadelphia Athletics D. Boston Braves

Longtime player/manager Patsy Donovan is still in the top fifty all-time for what stat?

A. Doubles B. Walks C. Stolen bases D. Assists

Other than being born in Ireland, what distinction does late 19th century player Jocko Fields hold?

A. Played for all three Pittsburgh teams B. First member of the 30/30 club C. Led the Pittsburgh Burghers in home runs in its only season D. First Irish-born player to win a batting title

Patsy Donovan was considered instrumental in discovering this superstar and bringing him into the major leagues:

A. Cy Young B. Ty Cobb C. Walter Johnson D. Babe Ruth

This Irish-born former Pirate is a member of a Hall of Fame:

A. Conny Doyle B. Patsy Donovan C. Jimmy Archer D. Pete Daniels

Come back on Thursday for the answers! If you have any ideas for future Trivia Tuesday themes, let me know in the comments or on Twitter. @PTBeninato