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Trivia Answers Thursday

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Jimmy Archer

Happy Stuff Yourself and Watch Football Day Thanksgiving, Bucs Dugout! Now that the tryptophan from the turkey’s kicked in, settle back, loosen your belt and see how many answers you got right from this week’s Trivia Tuesday.

Catcher Jimmy Archer started and somewhat ended his 14-year career in the majors with the Pirates. With what team did he play for the majority of his career?

A. St. Louis Cardinals B. Chicago Cubs C. Philadelphia Athletics D. Boston Braves

Answer: B

Archer spent eight seasons with the Cubs. He distinguished himself by his ability to gun down runners at second while still in a catcher’s squat. However, he gained that ability by falling into a vat of boiling tar when he was nineteen, which shortened his arm muscles. Don’t try that at home, kids.

Longtime player/manager Patsy Donovan is still in the top fifty all-time for what stat?

A. Doubles B. Walks C. Stolen bases D. Assists

Answer: C

Patsy (NOT Paddy) is currently thirty-first all-time for stolen bases with 518. Former Pirate Rajai Davis currently leads active MLB players with 415 steals, but right now he’s without a team.

Other than being born in Ireland, what distinction does late 19th century player Jocko Fields hold?

A. Played for all three Pittsburgh teams B. First member of the 30/30 club C. Led the Pittsburgh Burghers in home runs in its only season D. First Irish-born player to win a batting title

Answer: A

Really, that’s all Jocko did to distinguish himself. I’ll also note that he played for all Pittsburgh teams that were around in his era; a fourth team, the Pittsburgh Rebels, were part of the very short-lived Federal League in 1914-1915.

Patsy Donovan was considered instrumental in discovering this superstar and bringing him into the major leagues:

A. Cy Young B. Ty Cobb C. Walter Johnson D. Babe Ruth

Answer: D

Patsy emigrated to the Boston area from Ireland, and he returned there after his player and managing days were over, playing scout for the Red Sox. He knew someone at St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore, who told him about this kid there named George Ruth who was a hell of a baseball player. Ruth was playing for the cash-strapped Baltimore Orioles, then a minor-league team, and Patsy used his influence to convince the powers that be on the Red Sox to buy out Ruth’s contract and bring him to Boston. The rest is history.

This Irish-born former Pirate is a member of a Hall of Fame:

A. Conny Doyle B. Patsy Donovan C. Jimmy Archer D. Pete Daniels

Answer: C

Archer was elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 1990. Yes, there is a Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Located in St. Mary’s, Ontario, almost exactly between Detroit and Toronto, there are currently 125 individual and team inductees, including a few American stars for Canadian MLB teams. In Archer’s case, he grew up in Montreal and Toronto after his family emigrated to Canada from Dublin.

See you in December for the next Trivia Tuesday!