Minor League Rule 5 draft: Pirates pick 1, lose 1

It seems our team didn't pick anyone or lose anyone in the Major League portion of today's Rule 5 draft. In the AAA draft they selected RHP Alex Aquino from Atlanta. 1B Jerrick Suiter was selected by the Cubs. Aquino is a 23 year old from the Dominican Republic who doesn't seem to have pitched above the rookie Appalachian League. Suiter is a 26 year old who spent the past year in Altoona after getting up to Indy in 2018.

I will admit I don't know all the ramifications of this, but if the AAA R5 draft works similar to the Major League draft, both players will have to spend the full season in AAA to stay with their new organizations (with exceptions made for injury rehab assignments); hopefully someone on the site's staff can fill us in. Primary Source:

(From there you can get to the individual players' pages, which I used for their biographical information.)

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