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Trivia Tuesday: A Day of Firsts

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Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

At my house, we’re getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas in Pittsburgh. The cat already has a new Pirates collar in his stocking—an official MLB one to boot, which gives me hope that it’ll last longer than the one I got from Etsy last year. I suspect my husband got me a ticket for Opening Day at PNC Park because he was at once shouting “honey, can you help me with Ticketmaster?” and refusing to let me see what he was buying. Various Santa hat-wearing Bucs are all over my Twitter feed enticing me to retweet posts for the chance to win stuff.

In the spirit of beginnings, today’s Trivia Tuesday is about firsts in Pirates history. As always, have fun guessing or going on a Google hunt, and the answers will be posted on Thursday. I’m sure many of you will be pleased that this week’s quiz is about more recent events than previous editions.

What was remarkable about the Pirates’ lineup on September first, 1971?

A. All left-handers B. All under 30 C. All men of color D. All right-handers

Who hit the first Pirates home run in Three Rivers Stadium?

A. Willie Stargell B. Bill Mazeroski C. Matty Alou D. Richie Hebner

Who hit the first Pirates home run in PNC Park?

A. Amaris Ramirez B. John Vander Wal C. Brian Giles D. Jason Kendall

Who threw the first perfect nine innings in Pirates history?

A. Harvey Haddix B. Dock Ellis C. Nick Maddox D. Bob Moose

Who got the first hit of the Pirates’ 2019 season?

A. Francisco Cervelli B. Starling Marte C. Josh Bell D. Erik Gonzalez