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Trivia Answers Thursday

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates
This guy is one of the answers.
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Was your Google-fu strong this week? Were you confused that all of the questions had to do with things that happened in the last sixty years? Find out if it was luck or skill that guided you on Trivia Tuesday this week.

What was remarkable about the Pirates’ lineup on September first, 1971?

A. All left-handers B. All under 30 C. All men of color D. All right-handers

Answer: C

Rennie Stennett, Gene Clines, Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Manny Sanguillén, Dave Cash, Al Oliver, Jackie Hernández, and Dock Ellis made up that day’s lineup, mainly due to injured regular starters. According to Oliver, no one noticed until about the third or fourth inning since normally over half the Pirates’ regular lineup were players of color. Still, pretty historic.

Who hit the first Pirates home run in Three Rivers Stadium?

A. Willie Stargell B. Bill Mazeroski C. Matty Alou D. Richie Hebner

Answer: A

The Cincinnati Reds’ Tony Perez hit the first overall homer in the stadium’s opening game on July sixteenth, 1970, but Pops answered with a homer of his own in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Reds ended up winning 3-2.

Who hit the first Pirates home run in PNC Park?

A. Amaris Ramirez B. John Vander Wal C. Brian Giles D. Jason Kendall

Answer: B

The first regular season game in PNC Park on April ninth, 2001 had some similarities to the first game at Three Rivers. The Pirates played the Reds, the Reds won, and a Red hit the first overall homer. However, it was Sean Casey, who grew up in Pittsburgh, so it was ... maybe kind of appropriate? But it’s “Pirates home run,” and that honor went to John Vander Wal two days later.

Who threw the first perfect nine innings in Pirates history?

A. Harvey Haddix B. Dock Ellis C. Nick Maddox D. Bob Moose

Answer: A

This is a bit of a gotcha. No Pirates pitcher has ever thrown a perfect game, but Harvey Haddix came the closest on May twenty-sixth, 1959, in Milwaukee against the Braves. His perfection went into the thirteenth inning (!) until third baseman Don Hoak overthrew first baseman Rocky Nelson on a routine grounder. Haddix ended up actually losing the game, but it’s still considered to be one of the greatest pitching performances ever. Read more about the game.

Who got the first hit of the Pirates’ 2019 season?

A. Francisco Cervelli B. Starling Marte C. Josh Bell D. Erik Gonzalez

Answer: D

Gonzalez singled off the Reds’ Luis Castillo at Great American Ballpark in the third inning of the 2019 season opener.

Hope you had fun with this—see you next week!