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Trivia Tuesday: Last Christmas

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Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres
Yinz better watch out.
Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Hey, if I have to have that song in my head, so do you.

Not to be a Twitter shill, but the Pirates have been running a “12 Days of GIFmas” promotion on their feed with some genuinely hilarious GIFs. Kevin Newman’s facial expressions alone are worth the follow. I imagine that being on the Pirates’ social media team isn’t the easiest job, so I’m glad it’s having fun with this.

We dealt with firsts in last week’s Trivia Tuesday, so it makes sense for this edition to cover historical Pirates finalities. Get ready to take your best flying guesses, put on your thinking caps or pull up your favorite search engine.

When was the last Pirates no-hitter?

A. 2005 B. 1997 C. 1979 D. 2012

Who hit the last home run at Three Rivers Stadium?

A. Warren Morris B. Bronson Arroyo C. John Wehner D. Brian Giles

Who hit the last home run at Forbes Field?

A. Roberto Clemente B. Matty Alou C. Willie Stargell D. Al Oliver

Who was the last non-American Pirates manager?

A. George Gibson B. Hugo Bezdek C. Patsy Donovan D. Alex Grammas

Who got the last Pirates hit of the 2019 season?

A. Adam Frazier B. Kevin Newman C. Jose Osuna D. Jacob Stallings

As always, check back on Thursday for the answers. This will be the last Trivia Tuesday of 2019, but have no fear (or curse your luck), it will return January seventh. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday and/or your time off of work or school, or, at the very least, a pleasant Wednesday!