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Trivia Answers Thursday

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San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates
Al Oliver. He’s an answer.
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If you’re feeling a little deflated that Christmas is over, remember that today is Boxing Day and Hanukkah is still going strong, so holiday things aren’t done yet. Make yourself a big leftovers sandwich, slug down the last of the eggnog, and find out the answers to Tuesday’s quiz.

When was the last Pirates no-hitter?

A. 2005 B. 1997 C. 1979 D. 2012

Answer: B

Yes, it’s been that long. Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon combined for a no-hitter on July 12, 1997 against the Houston Astros at Three Rivers Stadium. Cordova went nine innings, but the Bucs weren’t scoring either, so Rincon came on in relief. Pinch hitter Mark Smith came up to save the night with a three-run walk-off homer in the bottom of the tenth. As I noted in last week’s TT, no Pirate has ever pitched a perfect game. SOMETHING TO SHOOT FOR YINZ GUYS.

Who hit the last home run at Three Rivers Stadium?

A. Warren Morris B. Bronson Arroyo C. John Wehner D. Brian Giles

Answer: C

The Rock only hit four homers in his MLB career, but the last one he hit on October first, 2000 was also the last in Three Rivers, so he gets a bit of a bragging right. Unfortunately, the homer was wasted; the Bucs lost to the Cubs 10-9.

Who hit the last home run at Forbes Field?

A. Roberto Clemente B. Matty Alou C. Willie Stargell D. Al Oliver

Answer: D

Both the first and last games at Forbes Field featured the Pirates against the Cubs. The Pirates lost the first game 3-2 on June thirtieth, 1909. Almost sixty-one years to the day, June twenty-eighth, 1970, they beat the Cubs 4-1 in the second game of a double-header (they won the first game as well, 3-2). Oliver’s homer, the only one hit that day, came in the first inning of the second game. Interesting side note about another last—Babe Ruth hit the final three home runs of his career at Forbes Field.

Who was the last non-American Pirates manager?

A. George Gibson B. Hugo Bezdek C. Patsy Donovan D. Alex Grammas

Answer: A

You knew I had to mention my boy Patsy one more time, but it was the Canadian Gibson who got this distinction, especially since he hightailed it back to the Great White North pretty much the moment his career was over.

Who got the last Pirates hit of the 2019 season?

A. Adam Frazier B. Kevin Newman C. Jose Osuna D. Jacob Stallings

Answer: C

In the final game against the Cincinnati Reds at PNC Park on September twenty-ninth, Osuna singled in the bottom on the ninth inning. Not that it did any good, as the Bucs lost 3-1.

Trivia Tuesday will be back on January seventh, but look for my Pirates Year in Review on New Year’s Eve.