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Ten random Pirate walk-up songs from this decade

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Walk-up songs are great. In no other professional sport can a player be the DJ for the entire stadium, even if only for 20 seconds or so.

Over the years, I’ve been to many Pirate games. I’ve heard many walk-up songs. Sure, some are better than others but the end of the day, I think it’s pretty cool to see a player show the fans a small glimpse of something that they personally enjoy.

The following list is of ten random Pirate walk-ups songs that I remember off the top of my head from this past decade. There no rhyme or reason to this list. These songs aren’t necessarily my favorites, just ones that stuck out in my head when creating this list. I don’t know when specifically these songs were in the player’s rotation, but they were.

*Disclaimer* This will be the final decade related thing I post. I promise. Okay, let’s go.

Clint Barmes: Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey - A true classic. Even though Barmes hit just .227/.271/.314 as a Pirate, this song alone gave me the slightest bit of hope when he stepped in.

Tony Sanchez: Let It Go, Frozen - I don’t know if Tony Montana truly enjoys this song, but he always enjoys a good laugh. This song was a fan favorite in his short time in Pittsburgh.

Neil Walker: Wild for the Night, A$AP Rocky (feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam) - Okay, this one is a personal favorite of mine.

Pedro Alvarez: Juicy, The Notorious B.I.G. - The definition of a perfect walk-up song. When you first hear Biggie rap, “It was all a dream”, all the way until the song fades. Goosebumps.

Francisco Cervelli: That’s Amore, Dean Martin - I mean, come on. This is probably the most iconic Pirate walk-up song this decade. Vita bella.

Chris Archer: Black and Yellow, Wiz Khalifa - Here’s a case of great self-awareness from Archer. Appease the fans. Boom, fan favorite. (That is until he started actually pitching.)

Kevin Newman: Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Kanye West - Chalk this song up as another author favorite.

Jordy Mercer: Tonight Is the Night, Outasight - Here’s a classic example of knowing what the song sounds like without knowing what it’s called. It took me a while to find this. But this song goes.

AJ Burnett: Walking Dead Theme - Peak AJ Burnett right here. What else can I say?

Andrew McCutchen: Outta Your Mind, Lil Jon, LMFAO - A true banger. This song always got the stadium bumping. Lil Jon has that effect on people.

*If you remember any other random walk-up songs from this decade, please reply in the comments.*