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Trivia Tuesday: The Managers

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Those are some fine whiskers.
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Now that the Pirates have a new manager, let’s go back in the day and take a look at some old-school Bucs skippers. And I do mean old school, as you can see above. And that guy wasn’t even the first. As always, these can be easily looked up or, come on, take a guess. A couple of these are as tricky as I can make them, which is what happens when one watches football and looking up baseball stuff at the same time. It’s a gift.

So ...

... who was the first Pittsburgh manager?

A. Patsy Donovan B. Pie Traynor C. Al Pratt D. Horace Phillips

How many player/managers have the Pirates had?

A. Four. B. Thirteen C. None D. Nine

What Pirates manager has a perfect record?

A. Bill Burwell B. Honus Wagner C. Donie Bush D. Tom Burns

Who went 0-for-Pirates managing career?

A. Alex Grammas B. Clint Hurdle C. George Creamer D. Hugo Bezdek

Who was the last Pirates manager to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

A. Bob Ferguson B. Jim Leyland C. Danny Murtagh D. Bill McKechnie

If you read carefully, you’ll figure out the tricky ones. Or just look it up on Wikipedia like I did. And you see I threw in my boy Paddy PATSY WHY DO I KEEP SCREWING THAT UP

Patsy. There. And for the record, no one has ever called me that. Just about every other form of Patricia, but never Patsy. Maybe that’s why I have a mental block with it.

As always, if you have an idea for Trivia Tuesday, hit me up in the comments or on Twitter @PTBeninato.