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Game Thread: Trevor Williams faces Diamondback in game two

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

A day after a depressing loss the the vising Arizona Diamondbacks, Trevor Williams will try to stop the Pirates two-game losing streak. He’ll be faced by right-hander Luke Weaver.

Williams has a 2.59 ERA after four starts, making his last appearance six days ago against the Tigers, allowing a pair of runs in six innings in a game won by the Pirates 3-2. Pittsburgh has yet to lose a Williams start this season.

Weaver came to Arizona from the Cardinals this winter as part of a package for Paul Goldschmidt. He has a 3.92 ERA in four starts, allowing 5 walks and collecting 24 strikeouts in 20 23 innings. For the past three years his fastball has averaged 93 mph, with his primary off-speed pitch being a change up. In his career Weaver has had a fairly normal platoon split, allowing a .807 OPS to left-handed batters and .736 to righties. The Pirates’ lineup will have seven of the nine batters swing from the left side, including four switch-hitters.



1 L Jarrod Dyson CF

2 S Eduardo Escobar 3B

3 L David Peralta LF

4 R Adam Jones RF

5 R Christian Walker 1B

6 S Ketel Marte 2B

7 R Nick Ahmed SS

8 R Carson Kelly C

9 R Luke Weaver RHP



1 L Adam Frazier 2B

2 S Melky Cabrera LF

3 L Gregory Polanco RF

4 S Josh Bell 1B

5 L Colin Moran 3B

6 S Bryan Reynolds CF

7 R Francisco Cervelli C

8 S Cole Tucker SS

9 R Trevor Williams RHP