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Ask BD: Cervelli, Blass and the Bells

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There’s still time to ask! Follow the link here.

“Who takes over for Blass in 2020?”- bmcferren

The Pirates keep stressing this is Blass’ last season as an everyday broadcaster, not a full retirement. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him on the airwaves in 2020, even for just a cameo.

With that in mind, I think the likely plan is John Wehner starts calling home games too and Blass is on call as a pinch-hitter. If they chose to bring in a third color guy, I think Matt Capps would be great in the booth. He’s done the pre and postgame show before, has great wit and can give fresh insights on the game as a reliever/closer.

“Can you rank the Bell’s in Pirates history from best to worst?” - bmcferren

Jay Bell

Gus Bell

Josh Bell

Fern Bell

Bill Bell

“Operation shutdown” Derek Bell

“Actually showed up” Derek Bell

“Would you offer Cervelli an extension? Say two years, with a team option, 7.5M guaranteed, 10m max?”- Joe Bagofdonuts

I don’t think Cervelli would take that deal, and I doubt the Pirates will offer him anything long term anyway. He’s 33, has a long injury history and wants to catch rather than move to first base. Neal Huntington has steered away from giving players in their mid-30s big money.

However, if Cervelli continues to hit well and has an impact year, then extending a qualifying offer could make sense. If my back of the envelope math is right, then the QO should hover around $18 million next season. That would be a $6.5 million increase from his 2019 salary, which is a lot, but manageable for a short term deal. If he decides to reject it- which he might- then the Pirates get a draft pick back.

“Did Alex get reimbursed for the Pittsburgh Cone purchase?”- Carl Lazlo, Esq.

Nope, that came out of pocket. The things I do for you people.