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Introducing the new Bucs Dugout manager

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Augustine and I’ll be heading up Bucs Dugout. I’ve been writing about baseball on and off for about 8 years and its a huge passion of mine. I’m looking forward to bringing you the best Pirates content on the internet.

I’m originally from upstate New York and grew up a Yankees fan. My father is a life-long Braves fan so I’ve experienced the early/mid-90s power struggle with the Pirates. These days, I’m a baseball fan in general but I’m proud to be representing the Pirates.

I’m a US Air Force veteran and that’s where I got my start working with computers. I’ve been in IT Support and System Administration for roughly 15 years now and I’m in a job I absolutely love. Getting to write about baseball on the side makes things even better.

My history includes writing for Bronx Baseball Daily, Rant Sports, contributing to Fangraphs Community, Rotoballer, and SB Nation’s Royals Review and Gaslamp Ball. Most recently I served as Pitcher List’s Going Deep manager. The vast majority of my writing can be found there.

I specialize in pitcher analysis, which I hope to regularly provide for the community. I also spend time creating what I call ‘pitching art’ which can be found on my personal twitter feed and on my gfycat site. I’ll be creating lots of it for our site and Bucs Dugout Twitter feed.

I hope to see a continuation of interaction and good baseball talk on our site and hopefully see our community grow to the best on SB Nation.