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Ranking the Best and Worst among Pirates superhero costumes

Who wore it best? Who wore it the worst?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are having some fun on their road trip, dressing up as superheroes. Everyone from the players to the coaching staff is getting in on it. Let’s rank the top three looks from the trip, as well as the bottom three.

When a 10-game road trip is on the horizon, the time is ripe for a little fun. That’s exactly what the Pittsburgh Pirates have done by dressing up as their favorite super-heroes as they depart Pittsburgh. It’s a fun yearly custom that has become an annual tradition. Let’s take a look at the best and worst of the lot.

First, again via Cole Tucker on twitter, let’s look again at the group:

We can’t make out who everyone is, but let’s press on anyway.

The Top Three

  • Jose Osuna as El Chapulin. I’m going to introduce some personal bias here, so be warned, but this was such an offbeat addition here, and Osuna should be rewarded for creativity. My wife is Colombian, so this tribute to a beloved Latino superhero parody really hit home for me. Get familiar with the ridiculousness that is El Chapulin.
  • Cole Tucker as Frozone (The Incredibles). Another checkmark for going a different way. Tucker gets the nod here chiefly due to his uncanny likeness to the original character:
  • In a world where three Pittsburgh Pirates players decided to dress as Wolverine, Clay Holmes wins the prize for best Wolverine. Portraying the grittier version of the beloved X-Man was the right way to go against Nick Kingham and Adam Frazier’s misguided attempts.
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS: Colin Moran has been Zorro at the plate lately, with effective cuts. So, his selection is a naturally fitting one. Francisco Liriano as The Flash gets points for irony. Felip Vazquez (Deadpool in the front) nailed the mannerisms of the merc with a mouth perfectly.

The Bottom Three

  • Joe Musgrove and Jordan Lyles both chose Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like the idea of the starting pitching group going as a colelctive unit...but come on guys, how about some coordination?
  • Bryan Reynolds has been so good during his short time in MLB to date, that I expected him to do much better than Maverick from Top Gun.
  • Richard Rodriguez (I think) as Jesus. With his up-and-down play (I’m being generous) this season, I don’t think Rich Rod will be doing any saving any time soon.

Am I way off here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.