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FanPulse - Clint Still Not Clearing the Fan-Approval Hurdle

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Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

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Bad puns and bad vibes. Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle still has Bucs Dugout readers disgruntled as the 2019 season continues its downward spiral. Hurdle’s got the Pirates entrenched in last place in the National League Central, nearing 20 games under .500.

Hurdle is by far the lowest-approved manager out of all 30 MLB teams. Over at Amazin’ Avenue, Mickey Callaway was hovering around the bottom with Hurdle for several weeks, but with the recent surge the New York Mets are on, Mets fans are back on board.

Here is the most recent fan approval graph for Hurdle via the FanPulse survey:

The Pirates run differential has dropped nearly 30 runs for a deficit of 109 since the All-Star Break. The pitching staff/defense is currently allowing the second-most runs in the NL (685), ahead of the Colorado Rockies (735).

In this recent article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jason Mackey gives his opinion on the topic of Hurdle’s uncertain future with the Bucs:

I think this is the money question right now, (Kevin). And if I had to wager a guess, honestly, I would say no. I think the Pirates know they need to change something. How could they not? And I think Hurdle would be a logical choice — even if I don’t think this is all his fault.

Hurdle seems to have a decent relationship with the players, as noted in this article from the Washington Post so that begs the question if he’s really is responsible for the downfall of this team.

Injuries and transactions aside, big changes are likely ahead for the Pirates as the fault of this lost season has to land on someone.