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Trivia Tuesday: The Roaring Twenties

The Baseball Hall of Fame
Paul Waner
Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Now that 2020 is a couple of weeks along, we’ll look back at the other Twenties Pirates team—the 1920s, that is. This was a pretty successful group, with ten players eventually becoming Hall of Famers and producing the most successful pair of MLB brothers hitting-wise. Whether you Google, guess, or just wait until Thursday for the answers, let’s look back a century and see what was going on at Forbes Field back then.

How many losing seasons did the Pirates have in the 1920s?

A. Two B. Zero C. One D. Three

Which future Baseball Hall of Famer played on every 1920s Pirates team?

A. Max Carey B. Rabbit Maranville C. Paul Waner D. Pie Traynor

This 1920s Pirate still holds the record for the most hits in his first three MLB seasons:

A. Kiki Cuyler B. Joe Cronin C. Lloyd Waner D. Roy Mahaffey

What was remarkable about the match between the Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds on October second, 1920?

A. It was the last triple header played in MLB B. Every Pirate hit a home run C. Honus Wagner played his last game D. Max Carey played his first game

The Pirates appeared in two World Series in the 1920s, winning in 1925 and losing in 1927. What was notable about the loss?

A. First time a Pennsylvania team lost the WS B. The Pirates only got ten hits C. The Pirates pitching staff gave up 30 runs D. First time a National League team was swept in the WS

As always, come back Thursday for the answers!