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Trivia Tuesday: Thoughts of Spring

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees
“Dude, your sunburn is blinding me.”
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Late January is my personal sports dead zone. There isn’t any baseball, I don’t like basketball, and it’s still a couple of weeks until the Super Bowl (no, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count). Even hockey is on hiatus until the last day of the month because of the NHL All-Star Game. Of course, I do other stuff—I like to consider myself well-rounded—but it’s inevitable that around this time of year, with the cold gray skies and dusted snow of a Pittsburgh winter, I console myself with the knowledge that spring training is just around the corner.

This week’s Trivia Tuesday looks at the Pirates in spring mode, mostly about their current spring training home in Bradenton, Florida. Like a lazy March afternoon on the Gulf Coast, we’re keeping things easy.

Which city was never a Pirates spring training site?

A. San Antonio, TX B. San Bernadino, CA C. Orlando, FL D. Thomasville, GA

What distinction does the Pirates’ spring training home, LECOM Park, hold?

A. Fourth oldest facility used by an MLB team B. Only facility to currently host two MLB teams C. Northernmost spring training field in Florida D. Oldest park still used for spring training

Before becoming LECOM Park, the stadium was named for which former Pirate?

A. Bill McKechnie B. Bill Mazeroski C. Roberto Clemente D. Willie Stargell

What cult baseball movie was filmed at LECOM Park?

A. Bang the Drum Slowly B. Long Gone C. The Slugger’s Wife D. A League of Their Own

What was significant about the game played on March nineteenth, 2008?

A. Andrew McCutchen’s first spring training game B. First night game C. First game played after the stadium was renamed D. Last reunion of the 1960 World Series team

Come back Thursday for the answers!