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Trivia Tuesday: The Game of the Name

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants
This guy has a great Twitter handle. Great nickname, not so much.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We at Bucs Dugout always enjoy it when our readers get involved with the conversation—or, in this case, the trivia. This week’s edition of Trivia Tuesday comes at the suggestion of Bucs fan Terry Martin from Alpharetta, GA, who also contributed the questions. Thanks, Terry, for making my job easy this week! A couple of other Bucs Dugout fans suggested a nicknames TT as well, so thanks to Dave and Ron, whose emails literally landed in my mailbox within seconds of Terry’s. I felt oddly popular as a result.

What’s in a name? Let’s find out!

This player was called “The Antelope” for his blazing speed on the basepaths. He stole 96 bases in 1980:

A. Omar Moreno B. Gene Clines C. Frank Taveras D. Barry Bonds

Catching as a duo with Don Slaught in the nineties, this catcher was nicknamed “Spanky” after one of the Little Rascals:

A. Ed Kirkpatrick B. Ed Ott C. Mike LaValliere D. Steve Nicosia

This Bucs reliever was once a starting pitcher, but was converted to a relief pitcher and went on to become one of the most reliable Pirates relievers of all time. His nickname was “The Baron of the Bullpen”:

A. Dave Giusti B. Jim Gott C. Earl Francis D. Elroy Face

This Pirate announcer was known for his loud sportscoat, colorful sayings {“We had them all the way,” “a bug on the rug”) and was nicknamed “The Gunner”:

A. Rosey Rosewell B. Lanny Frattare C. Bob Prince D. Nellie King

This Buccos fly chaser was nicknamed “The Quail” for his ability to run down balls hit into the spacious gaps at old Forbes Field:

A. Gino Cimoli B. Roberto Clemente C. Bill Virdon D. Matty Alou

Come back Thursday for the answers!