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Meet Our New International Correspondent Héctor Pérez!

Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder Roberto Clemente
Not Hector, but he appreciates it.

As a new contributor to this space, it is very difficult to share these first words with readers without mentioning the great excitement and challenge I feel to be part of a team as professional as that of Bucs Dugout.

My name is Héctor Pérez and I am from Barcelona, Spain. Here in Spain, baseball is a totally minority sport, so since I became fond of it while studying my university degree in Business Sciences, I gradually fell in love with this wonderful world of major leagues. In that process of infatuation, I quickly realized that I could only be a Pirates fan. A humble franchise, with a great winning tradition, with an unparalleled history and with a community proud of its city and its roots.

Last August, I had the opportunity to step foot in Pittsburgh for the first time and see my dream fulfilled. Specifically, I attended the division series against the Chicago Cubs in the back of the Little League Classic. My excitement at crossing the Roberto Clemente Bridge and seeing PNC Park up close cannot be described in words. I swear. I love this city and I’m proud of it from a distance.

Therefore, it is a pleasure to be able to start this adventure in Bucs Dugout, while I combine my job as a marketing teacher at a high school in my city. Over the next few months, I will help this project grow internationally, expanding news and opinions of the Pittsburgh Pirates into Spanish. Here in Spain, I have experience as a regular contributor to relevant websites and podcasts such as Pitcheos Salvajes (Wild Pitches), La Lata de Maiz (The Can of Corn) or Tras el Diamante (Behind the Diamond). For all this, I take this opportunity to thank you all for the welcome to this project. I will be happy to interact with you via my twitter address (@BarcelonaBones) and my personal email address (