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Trivia Tuesday, the Return: Wild Card Edition

Wild Card Game - Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
Good times.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

First and foremost, I hope no one’s suffering from anything more than boredom as we shelter in place and/or practice social distancing in these weird times. I still think there’ll be baseball this year, but I don’t forsee any decision being made before mid-April at the earliest.

We ran a poll on our Twitter feed asking what you wanted to read while we wait for baseball to resume. Since we’ve got minor league and prospect news covered (and covered well), I knew I’d go with old school Pirates. And what better way to do old school Pirates than bringing back Trivia Tuesday?

This week, though, we’re not going back all that far. Following the lead of a ton of other sports networks, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh is running some classic Pirates games to fill the void, and the first one up will be the 2013 Wild Card game between the Bucs and the Reds tonight at seven EST. To add to the fun, former 2013 Pirates Michael McKenry (@theFortMcKenry) and Garrett Jones (@Garrett_GIJones) are going to be asking for abuse live tweeting during the game, so even if you can’t watch you can follow along. Let’s take a look back at October first, 2013.

“Twenty years of frustration dressed in black” refers to what event during the game?

A. Pirates fans booing Reds manager Dusty Baker B. Pirates fans cheering the National Anthem C. Pirates fans chanting Reds starter Johnny Cueto’s name D. Pirates fans mocking TBS color man Craig Sager

Russell Martin hit two home runs in the game, making him the second Pirate to hit multiple homers in a postseason game. Who was the first?

A. Bob Robertson B. Dave Parker C. Roberto Clemente D. Dick Groat

Which Reds reliever did not pitch during the game?

A. J.J. Hoover B. Logan Ondrusek C. Tony Cingrani D. Sean Marshall

How many Pirates got extra-base hits in the game?

A. Two B. Six C. Eight D. Four

Before this game, how many times had the Pirates and Reds met in the postseason?

A. Ten B. Five C. Seven D. Three

Come back Thursday for the answers!