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Trivia Tuesday: THAT Game Seven

MLB Photos Archive
Maz after his historic shot.
Photo by MLB via Getty Images

Since it’s in the same boat as other sports channels, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh continues to show reruns of classic games. Tonight, though, it will show a genuine rarity—the full broadcast of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series between the Pirates and the Yankees. Because networks regularly taped over broadcasts back then, the first six games are gone forever. Game Seven was believed lost as well, but in 2009 a kinescope of the complete game was found in a wine cellar in California. It was shown publicly in 2010 as part of the fiftieth anniversary of the Series, but not since, although it’s available on DVD. I’m genuinely looking forward to watching this, and of course had to devote Trivia Tuesday to what many call the best game ever.

Who owned the house where the Game Seven kinescope was found?

A. Gregory Peck B. Joan Crawford C. Orson Welles D. Bing Crosby

In total, how many home runs were hit in Game Seven?

A. One B. Five C. Three D. Seven

What was notable about Rocky Nelson’s homer in the first inning?

A. It was hit out of Forbes Field B. It was Nelson’s only homer that season C. It was the first Pirates homer in the Series since Game One D. It was a grand slam

Outside of home runs, how many extra base hits were in Game Seven?

A. Four B. None C. Six D. One

Game Seven had an unusual occurence that has never since been duplicated in the postseason. What was it?

A. Neither team recorded a strikeout B. The only walk-off homer to win the World Series C. The only deciding World Series game in Pittsburgh D. Smallest crowd at a Game Seven

Come back on Thursday for the answers!