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Welcome our new writer, Brett Barnett

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

As a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan, it seemed like a natural progression that I might end up at a site like Bucs Dugout. Before I jump into the actual writing portion of my duties, I wanted to give a brief outline of who I am and how I came to be a Pirates fan.

Despite being born in Reds Country (Columbus, OH) and then moving to Braves Country (Tennessee, where I still reside), my fanhood could always be found in Pittsburgh. That’s a product of being my father’s son. When my dad was a kid, after the 1971 World Series, but before the 1979 World Series, he asked his older brother which teams were good. One of the teams he mentioned was the Pirates. A West Virginia kid, my dad decided to board the Bucs’ ship. My path was paved black and gold long before I was born.

I received a bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University and I am currently a Business Analytics student at the University of Tennessee. I have been married for nearly three years and I am a soon-to-be father.

I am excited for everything that’s in store for me in all facets of life (including the introduction of Ben Cherington as Pirates GM). Although this season is in limbo, I am optimistic about the Pirates’ future, and where the team might be headed. I am also sure that in due time I will be back in Pittsburgh, on the North Shore, donning my alternate black Jordy Mercer jersey or Pirates polo, watching the Bucs compete as hard as the pierogis run