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Trivia Tuesday: 1979 World Series Game 7

1979 World Series - Game 7: Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles
That swing, that swing, that swi-i-i-ing ...
Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Tonight, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh will rerun the telecast of Game Seven of the 1979 World Series. I distinctly remember my thirteen-year-old self annoying my 19-year-old Brother the Mets Fan by sporting my newly acquired Pirates pillbox cap during the game. I also remember getting in trouble with my eighth grade social studies teacher the next morning for dozing in her class because I’d stayed up so late watching the game. Let us all listen to “We Are Family” on repeat, watch rejoicing Bucs on Memorial Stadium’s infield, and tune out the grumbles that this will never happen again.

Then-president Jimmy Carter threw out the first pitch in Game 7. Who was the last U.S. president before Carter to attend a World Series game?

A. John F. Kennedy B. Franklin Roosevelt C. Lyndon Johnson D. Dwight Eisenhower

Whose homer scored Baltimore’s only run in the game?

A. Ken Singleton B. Doug DeCinces C. Rich Dauer D. John Lowenstein

Which 1979 Buc still has the record for the highest batting average in a World Series?

A. Dave Parker B. Willie Stargell C. Phil Garner D. Bill Madlock

Who was the final out?

A. Pat Kelly B. Gary Roenicke C. Eddie Murray D. Mike Flanagan

Willie Stargell fittingly got the World Series MVP. This capped what 1979 achievement for the Pirates?

A. First Pirate to get the World Series MVP B. An MVP sweep C. First Pirate to win the regular season MVP and the World Series MVP. D. The Pirates won the World Series, duh