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Trivia Answers Thursday

1979 World Series - Game 7: Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles
We are fam-a-lee! I got all my sis—um, brothers with me!
Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Before we get to the answers for Trivia Tuesday, a bit of trivia about “We Are Family”—the song was written specifically for Sister Sledge by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, founders of the R&B/disco group Chic. It was the first song the pair had written that wasn’t intended for Chic, but the top brass at their record label, Atlantic, wanted them to write for its bigger acts like the Rolling Stones. Edwards and Rodgers didn’t feel they were ready, so they suggested that they write a song for a less established act, and if it became a hit they could then progress to more popular groups. The youngest Sledge sister, 19-year-old Kathy, recorded the lead vocal in one take, and ... well, then.

Thanks to for its great article on this game, which helped with some of the questions.

Then-president Jimmy Carter threw out the first pitch in Game 7. Who was the last U.S. president before Carter to attend a World Series game?

A. John F. Kennedy B. Franklin Roosevelt C. Lyndon Johnson D. Dwight Eisenhower

Answer: D

Dwight Eisenhower threw out the first pitch at the first game of the 1956 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees at Ebbets Field.

Whose homer scored Baltimore’s only run in the game?

A. Ken Singleton B. Doug DeCinces C. Rich Dauer D. John Lowenstein

Answer: C

Baltimore’s second baseman had only hit nine home runs during the regular season, but he had an okay World Series capped with this homer.

Which 1979 Buc still has the record for the highest batting average in a World Series?

A. Dave Parker B. Willie Stargell C. Phil Garner D. Bill Madlock

Answer: C

Garner had a .500 average in the 1979 World Series. The next highest on the list, Amos Otis of the Kansas City Royals (who played for the Pirates in his final big league season in 1984), had a .478 average the next year.

Who was the final out?

A. Pat Kelly B. Gary Roenicke C. Eddie Murray D. Mike Flanagan

Answer: A

Pinch-hitting for Baltimore catcher Rick Dempsey against Kent Tekulve, Kelly flied out to Omar Moreno to end the Series.

Willie Stargell fittingly got the World Series MVP. This capped what 1979 achievement for the Pirates?

A. First Pirate to get the World Series MVP B. An MVP sweep for the year C. First Pirate to win the regular season MVP and the World Series MVP. D. The Pirates won the World Series, duh

Answer: B

Pops did win the regular season and World Series MVPs as well as the NLCS MVP. The only one he didn’t get was the All-Star MVP, but Dave Parker had his back on that one. I couldn’t verify if this was the only time it happened, though, just as I couldn’t verify another claim that the 1979 Pirates have the record for the highest team batting average in the World Series, as’s article claims.

See you next Tuesday!