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Trivia Answers Thursday

1960 World Series - Game 7: New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates
Run, Roberto!
Set Number: X7026

In a non-plague-ridden world, the Pirates’ opener at PNC Park would be today. I am officially oh-for-two for seeing a team’s home opener live—when I was a teenager, I got tickets to opening day at Yankee Stadium, but couldn’t go because of a freak April blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow in the tri-state area. I still hope that there will be an Opening Day at PNC this year. Remember, I’m the resident optimist around here.

In the meantime, let’s remember happier times and find out the answers to this week’s Trivia Tuesday about the legendary Game Seven of the 1960 World Series.

Who owned the house where the Game Seven kinescope was found?

A. Gregory Peck B. Joan Crawford C. Orson Welles D. Bing Crosby

Answer: D

Der Bingle (or, as he’s known today, the Famous Crosby Not Named Sidney) was a part-owner of the Pirates at the time. As he didn’t want to jinx the Bucs, he went to Paris while the Series took place, but hired Ampex—a company that he had financial interest in—to tape the game off a TV monitor so he could watch it later. He had a ton of other stuff taped and preserved, and the game was found in near-perfect condition while a DVD compilation of his TV specials was being created.

In total, how many home runs were hit in Game Seven?

A. One B. Five C. Three D. Seven

Answer: B

In addition to Maz, Rocky Nelson and Hal Smith went deep for the Pirates, while Bill (Moose) Skowron and Yogi Berra hit homers for the Yankees.

What was notable about Rocky Nelson’s homer in the first inning?

A. It was hit out of Forbes Field B. It was Nelson’s only homer that season C. It was the first Pirates homer in the Series since Game One D. It was a grand slam

Answer: C

Actually, the entire Series was pretty light on home runs, considering that four out of the seven games had high scores. Game Seven had the most homers by far.

Outside of home runs, how many extra base hits were in Game Seven?

A. Four B. None C. Six D. One

Answer: D

Clete Boyer of the Yankees hit a double off the Pirates’ Elroy Face in the top of the eighth inning, scoring Moose Skowron to put the Yankees ahead 6-4. Seriously, that was it. I must have gone up and down the Baseball Reference page of the game at least ten times to make sure.

Game Seven had an unusual occurence that has never since been duplicated in the postseason. What was it?

A. Neither team recorded a strikeout B. The only walk-off homer to win the World Series C. The only deciding World Series game in Pittsburgh D. Smallest crowd at a Game Seven

Answer: A

This was another surprise. The closest a World Series game has come to having that happen since was in Game Two of the 2002 World Series between the Giants and Angels. The Giants didn’t strike out any Angels batters in that game, but the Angels struck out eight Giants batters.

Right now next week’s TT subject looks to be Game Five of the 1979 World Series, but, as always, if there’s something else you’d like to see make a comment either here or on Twitter @BucsDugout!