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Trivia Tuesday: 1990

Pittsburgh Pirates Bonds and Bonilla
The Bo team.
Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh has been giving me easy ideas for Trivia Tuesday as of late. However, like pretty much every sports media outlet in these strange times, it’s kind of digging at the bottom of the barrel for good classic Pirates games to show on Tuesdays. When I looked at today’s schedule, this greeted me:

1990 NLCS, Game 5

“Okay,” I thought, and went off to research. An hour and several frustrated sighs later, I realized that I’d run into that not-so-unique phenomenon known as a Boring Playoff Game. I ran through stats for that game on Baseball Reference so many times my eyes were starting to cross, and other sources were like “yeah, this was a boring game, we’ll give you a sentence or two but don’t expect more.”

So I am spreading my trivia-compiling wings and focusing on the entire 1990 Pirates season, which was a good one (except for the “not winning the World Series” thing). Barry Bonds got NL MVP, Doug Drabek got the Cy Young, and the Slyke Zone was in full effect. Fun times. Let’s go.

What National League team had the most victories against the Pirates in 1990?

A. Atlanta Braves B. Montreal Expos C. Los Angeles Dodgers D. Chicago Cubs

How many games did eventual 1990 Cy Young winner Doug Drabek win in his longest streak?

A. Ten B. Seven C. Twelve D. Eight

Which Pirate was the only pitcher to steal a base that season?

A. Stan Belinda B. Bob Walk C. John Smiley D. Neal Heaton

In what stat did the Pirates not lead the National League that season?

A. Triples B. Walks C. On-base percentage D. Doubles

Which regular Pirates player had the highest fielding average in 1990?

A. Bobby Bonilla B. Wally Backman C. Sid Bream D. Jeff King

As always, come back on Thursday for the answers!