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Trivia Tuesday: No One Gets a Hit

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
The Candy Man ... did.

Tonight, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh will be replaying John Candelaria’s no-hitter against the Dodgers on August ninth, 1976. I’ve been fortunate to have witnessed two no-nos in person—the Yankees’ Dave Righetti’s on the Fourth of July 1983 against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium and the Dodgers’ Josh Beckett’s in May 2014 against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The atmosphere at the two games couldn’t have been any more different—I still remember Yankees fans hissing at people to shut up and not jinx Righetti (couched in, um, more colorful terms), while Phillies fans were literally standing up and yelling HEY BECKETT’S GOT A NO-HITTER GOING to try and put the whammy on him (and failing, of course). Gotta love superstition.

Anyway, let’s test your knowledge about Bucs no-hitters.

How many no-hitters have there been in Pirates history?

A. Ten B. Seven C. Nine D. Thirteen

Who was the lone baserunner in John Candelaria’s no-hitter?

A. Steve Garvey B. Davey Lopes C. Steve Yeager D. Dusty Baker

Who pitched the first Pirates no-no?

A. Babe Adams B. King Brady C. Mike Lynch D. Nick Maddox

What has been the longest stretch between Pirates no-hit games?

A. 43 years B. 23 years C. 31 years D. 17 years

Dock Ellis may be the only pitcher to toss a no-hitter on acid, but he was one of five pitchers to do this:

A. Give up a run in a no-hitter B. Give up eight walks in a no-hitter C. No-hit the San Diego Padres D. Scored a run in a no-hitter

Come back on Thursday for the answers!