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Trivia Tuesday: 1979 World Series Game 5

Pirates v Orioles
The unlikely starter for Game 5
Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Game Five of the 1979 World was the turning point for the Pirates—after being down 3-1 to the Baltimore Orioles, they won this game and the next two to win the championship. AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, in its continuing efforts to supply sports methadone to the addicted, will be broadcasting this game tonight at 7 p.m. eastern. In my continuing effort to provide interesting Bucs Dugout content that doesn’t involve writing about Cole Tucker’s hair (gives side eye to The Athletic), Trivia Tuesday is devoted to that pivotal game.

Which of the following facts about Game Five is not true?

A. It was the last World Series game played in Pittsburgh B. It was the first time Bert Blyleven pitched in relief C. It was the second day game played in the Series D. There were no home runs in the game

Game Five catcher Steve Nicosia held what distinction in the Pirates’ World Series roster?

A. Youngest player B. Only left-handed catcher C. Only rookie D. Only handled right-handed pitchers

Baltimore reliever Don Stanhouse was the first to do this in the Series:

A. Hit a batter B. Strike out the side C. Balk D. Intentionally walk more than one batter

Which Pirate made the team’s only error in Game Five?

A. Phil Garner B. Tim Foli C. Dave Parker D. Willie Stargell

Jim Rooker was the Pirates’ starter in Game Five, but he wasn’t supposed to be. Who was slated to start originally?

A. John Candelaria B. Bert Blyleven C. Kent Tekulve D. Bruce Kison

Come back on Thursday for the answers!