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Trivia Tuesday: The 1909 Pirates

I’m on a Boat, 1909 style.

I don’t binge watch TV, but in this sportless time I sort of made an exception for Ken Burns’s phenomenal 1994 documentary Baseball. I say sort of because even I can’t sit on my butt for eighteen hours straight. The Pirates and their then-owner Barney Dreyfuss were instrumental in the evolution of the sport, and I’m sure that Dreyfuss, who came up with the idea of the World Series, was very happy that his Bucs finally won their first in 1909. 1909 was also the year that Forbes Field opened, the first stone-and-steel baseball stadium in America. 1909 was a good year for the Bucs—let’s take a look back.

The 1909 Pirates still hold what record?

A. Most runs scored in a season B. Most Hall of Fame players on one team C. Best winning percentage by an eventual World Series champion D. Most consectutive wins in a season

What Pirate led the 1909 National League in runs scored?

A. Fred Clarke B. Tommy Leach C. Honus Wagner D. Chief Wilson

Honus Wagner was fifth in home runs in the National League that season. How many did he hit?

A. 20 B. 12 C. 15 D. 5

Rookie right-hander Babe Adams, the star of the 1909 World Series, holds this distinction:

A. First pitcher to win three World Series games B. First pitcher to strike out fifteen in a World Series game C. First pitcher to hit the winning run in a World Series D. First rookie pitcher to start and win a World Series Game Seven

What team got beaten the most by the Pirates that year?

A. Boston Doves B. St. Louis Cardinals C. Brooklyn Superbas D. Philadelphia Phillies

Come back Thursday for the answers!