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Trivia Tuesday: The 1925 Pirates

Glenn Wright, shortstop for the 1925 Bucs
National Photo Company

After I finished the last Trivia Tuesday on the 1909 Bucs, I planned for the next one to cover the 1925 team. Alas, as is often the case these days with sports blogs, two Pittsburgh sites decided to write about them first. I was lucky that I had The Wax Pack articles in the works with enough time to polish them, but now we can look at a team that was sort of the underdog that year. The Pirates faced the Washington Senators in the World Series. The Senators, led by veteran hurler Walter Johnson and AL Most Valuable Player Roger Peckinpah, were expected to take it all, and they came very close to doing so. As we all know, though, close doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand grenades. Let’s see what you know about these Bucs.

On May seventh, 1925, Pirates shortstop Glenn Wright pulled off an unassisted triple play against the St. Louis Cardinals. Which Cardinal was not involved in the play?

A. Jim Cooney B. Walter Schmidt C. Rogers Hornsby D. Jim Bottomley

Who was the only Pirate that was on both the 1909 and 1925 World Series teams?

A. Kid Durbin B. Nick Maddox C. Babe Adams D. Paddy O’Connor

What dubious distinction did Bucs pitcher Emil Yde hold in the 1925 World Series?

A. First pitcher to hit more than one batter B. First pitcher to give up back-to-back home runs C. First pitcher to walk four in a row D. First starting pitcher not to get anyone out before he was removed

How many home runs did the Pirates hit in that World Series?

A. Seven B. One C. Two D. Four

The Bucs won Game Seven—and the Series—by a score of 9-7. What achievement still stands from that game?

A. Most runs scored in a Game Seven B. Largest deficit overcome in a Game Seven C. Most bases stolen in a World Series game D. Most doubles hit in a World Series game

Come back Thursday for the answers!