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Trivia Answers Thursday

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1925 Pittsburgh Pirates
These guys, yinz.
Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

As you may have guessed, I like to read. While I was writing this week’s Trivia Tuesday, I came across The Battling Bucs of 1925 by Ronald T. Waldo, who’s written three books about old school Pirates, including what has to be the deepest dive on a 95-year-old team. I can only imagine how much research he did. (takes off cap, bows in respect)

So how much research did you do?

On May seventh, 1925, Pirates shortstop Glenn Wright pulled off an unassisted triple play against the St. Louis Cardinals. Which Cardinal was not involved in the play?

A. Jim Cooney B. Walter Schmidt C. Rogers Hornsby D. Jim Bottomley

Answer: B

There have only been fifteen unassisted triple plays in modern baseball history. There have been twenty-three perfect games. So there.

From the man himself: “Jim Cooney was on second, Rogers Hornsby on first, and Jim Bottomley at bat. Jim hit a line drive toward second base. I took a step and caught the ball, and with Cooney well on his way to third, I merely stepped on second doubling him up. I intended to throw to first for the third out and had started my motion, but Hornsby was in the way. Since I didn’t always hit the first baseman anyway with my throws, I decided to run over and tag him since he had no time to reverse directions. After I put the ball on him he said, `nice work, kid.’” (Thanks to SABR for the interview!)

Who was the only Pirate that was on both the 1909 and 1925 World Series teams?

A. Kid Durbin B. Nick Maddox C. Babe Adams D. Paddy O’Connor

Answer: C

The guy who was the baby of the 1909 Pirates pitched the last inning of Game Four of the 1925 World Series, largely because of what the next guy did.

What dubious distinction did Bucs pitcher Emil Yde hold in the 1925 World Series?

A. First pitcher to hit more than one batter B. First pitcher to give up back-to-back home runs C. First pitcher to walk four in a row D. First starting pitcher not to get anyone out before he was removed

Answer: B

Senators right fielder Joe Harris had so much fun watching left fielder Goose Goslin go deep in the third inning of Game Four that he decided to do it too. 94 years later, the 2019 World Series champion Washington Nationals, formerly the Montreal Expos, hit back-to-back-to-back-to-BACK homers against the San Diego Padres on June ninth, 2019. By the way, the Washington Senators are now the Minnesota Twins.

How many home runs did the Pirates hit in that World Series?

A. Seven B. One C. Two D. Four

Answer: D

Our boy Glenn hit one. So did Pie Traynor, Eddie Moore and Kiki Cuyler. No Pirate hit one in Game Seven, surprising because of the last question’s answer:

The Bucs won Game Seven—and the Series—by a score of 9-7. What achievement still stands from that game?

A. Most runs scored in a Game Seven B. First team to win the World Series after being down three games to one C. Most bases stolen in a World Series game D. Most doubles hit in a World Series game

Answer: B

The 1925 World Series was kind of a mess. The weather was horrible, resulting in two games being postponed, the Senators’ Sam Rice made a play (or not, depending on which side you’re on) that’s still controversial, and when the Senators forgot how to play baseball the Pirates remembered. In the end, that’s all that matters, right?

I linked to Ron Waldo’s Amazon page, as he’s also written biographies of Kiki Cuyler and Fred Clarke, which are next on my reading list. See you next Tuesday!