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Trivia Tuesday: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today ...

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals
I forgot he was on the Pirates.

Okay, not today, but you get the idea.

I kind of warned you about a deep dive, and the 2000 Bucs could be sort of considered deep. It wasn’t a particularly good team—in fact its record was the same as last year’s team—but it did have the distinction of being the last group of Pirates to play in Three Rivers Stadium and had a few names that could be considered recognizable. And, also, twenty years ago. I enjoy round numbers.

Let’s see what you remember about the turn-of-the-millennium Bucs.

How many players played their only season with the Pirates in 2000?

A. Nine B. Two C. Seven D. Three

Out of those players, how many played their only MLB season in 2000?

A. One B. Six C. Four D. Two

Which of these 2000 Pirates did not hit more than twenty home runs that season?

A. John Vander Wal B. Jason Kendall C. Kevin Young D. Brian Giles

The 2000 Bucs co-led the National League in what stat?

A. Triples B. Strikeouts C. Stolen bases D. Doubles

Speaking of stats, Brian Giles was one of the top five players in this:

A. RBIs B. Walks C. Triples D. WAR

Come back Thursday for the answers!