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Trivia Answers Thursday

Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Brian Giles signs
This guy was good in 2000.
TONY RANZE/AFP via Getty Images

I love living in PIttsburgh. I love how coming out of each big tunnel gives you an amazing, dramatic skyline view. It has the best Italian bread ever. People here are so darn NICE.

I HATE Pittsburgh electric service.

It’s not a house issue, it’s not a street issue, it’s not a neighborhood issue. It’s a PITTSBURGH issue. Power here doesn’t just flicker, it goes out and it stays out. At 8:57 a.m. On Thursday. On Trivia Answers Thursday.

If you heard a record number of f-bombs being dropped approximately four miles northwest of downtown PIttsburgh, that was my Jersey coming out in rare form. Even my husband, who’s known me for twenty-two years, was impressed. Or terrified, I’m not sure.

My power came back on at 8:22 p.m. P. M. It’s only because of my excellent hydration habit that I still have a voice, with which I kindly thanked the guy on the other end of Duquesne Light’s help line. I used to do help lines for a living, so I’m always nice to them so they can say that they talked to at least one nice person today. I only called DL once too, because I know from first-hand experience how many times the nasty person gets passed around.

Whew. I feel better now. My power’s on and I will only be twelve hours late with Trivia Answers Thursday. Sorry, kids.

How many players played their only season with the Pirates in 2000?

A. Nine B. Two C. Seven D. Three

Answer: A

Almost all of them were rookies except for Alex Ramirez. The only rookie you might actually know is Bronson Arroyo.

Out of those players, how many played their only MLB season in 2000?

A. One B. Six C. Four D. Two

Answer: C

Bronson Arroyo wasn’t one of them, but Brian O’Connor, Matt Skrmetta, Brian Smith and Steve Sparks were. And no, I didn’t spell Skrmetta’s name wrong.

Which 2000 Pirate did not hit more than twenty home runs that season?

A. John Vander Wal B. Jason Kendall C. Kevin Young D. Brian Giles

Answer: B.

Kendall hit a measly fourteen homers in 2000, compared to Giles’s 35 (!), Vander Wal’s 24 and Young’s 20.

The 2000 Bucs co-led the National League in what stat?

A. Triples B. Strikeouts C. Stolen bases D. Doubles

Answer: D

I say co-led because the 2000 Colorado Rockies tied the Pirates—and won just about everything else batting-related that year.

Speaking of stats, Brian Giles was one of the top five players in this:

A. RBIs B. Walks C. Triples D. WAR

Answer: B

Brian Giles had a great year that season. Too bad Jason Kendall had a better one, but he was number five in base on ball totals in 2000.

See you next Tuesday. (glares at electric meter)