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Trivia Tuesday: Draft Days

2020 Major League Baseball Draft
Flash was attempted, but not achieved.
Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Out of the four major North American team sports, it’s kind of surprising that Major League Baseball, the oldest league, was the last to incorporate a draft. I think we can all agree that the MLB draft is by far the least flashy. No arenas filled with fans waiting to cheer or boo their favorite team’s choice, no young men in ill-fitting but expensive suits hastily adjusting their new team cap on the way to pose with the commissioner, no breathless overanalyzing by the media (oh, wait, that happens in baseball too, sorry). In light of what has been deemed a pretty decent draft by the Pirates, let’s see what you know about previous drafts.

Which collegiate Bucs first round pick was the first who actually played for the team?

A. Robert May B. Kris Benson C. Jim Winn D. Barry Bonds

What state has provided the Pirates with the most high school first round draft picks?

A. Massachusetts B. Texas C. California D. Florida

How many times have the Pirates had the first overall pick in the draft?

A. Four B. Six C. Never D. Two

This Florida high school produced back-to-back first round draft picks for the Bucs in 1999 and 2000:

A. Oviedo B. Wellington Community C. Tampa Catholic D. Merritt Island

Pitchers have been drafted in the first round twenty times by the Pirates. What position has been drafted the most after that?

A. Outfielders B. First basemen C. Catchers D. Shortstops

As always, come back Thursday for the answers!