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Trivia Tuesday: The Crawfords and the Grays

The full-of-future Hall of Famers Pittsburgh Crawfords, 1932

When you think of Pittsburgh baseball stars, undoubtedly names like Wagner, Clarke, Clemente, Stargell and Mazeroski are going to come to mind. However, there are other Hall of Famers connected to Pittsburgh of whom you might not be aware. Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, Smokey Joe Williams and Oscar Charleston are among those who played for either (or both) the Pittsburgh Crawfords or the Homestead Grays during their careers in the Negro National League.

Pittsburgh was the only American city that had two Negro National League teams. The Grays’ owner, Cumberland Posey, and Gus Greenlee, who owned the Crawfords, both played critical roles in building the reputation of the Negro Leagues and paving the way for the eventual re-integration of Major League Baseball. The Grays, too, are immortalized in true Pittsburgh fashion—they have a bridge named after them.

Let’s bond over baseball and see what you can find out about these two iconic teams.

Which player did not play for both the Crawfords and Grays?

A. Cool Papa Bell B. Buck Leonard C. Satchel Paige D. Judy Johnson

The Grays were most closely associated with this major league team:

A. New York Yankees B. Pittsburgh Pirates C. Washington Senators D. Brooklyn Dodgers

Greenlee Field, home of the Crawfords, held what distinction?

A. Oldest stadium in the Negro League B. First black-built and owned stadium C. First stadium shared by a Negro League and major league team D. First stadium used for baseball and football

Who was the last Pittsburgh-based Negro League player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the twentieth century?

A. Josh Gibson B. Martin Dihigo C. Smokey Joe Williams D. Cumberland Posey

Which former Homestead Gray is credited with teaching Jackie Robinson how to turn a double play?

A. Buck O’ Neil B. Oscar Charleston C. Bill Foster D. Willie Wells

Come back on Thursday for the answers!