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An Impromptu Interview

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates-Workouts
We read the news today on Sunday.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Bonne Bastille! (Happy Bastille Day!) I’m partially French and since as far as I know France isn’t limiting fireworks, BLOW STUFF UP! Um, as yinz have over the past few weeks, but now you have an excuse.

It can be officially said that MLB is beginning next week, and the Pirates are right there in it. We, meaning my husband and I, were in the mix of it this past weekend, as in “we were going out for breakfast and there were two CURRENT PIRATES in front of us” in the mix. I was wearing my Pirates cap, and one tugged the bill of his cap in acknowlegement.


ME: You like this place?

OTHER GUY: Pancakes are friggin’ PHENOMENAL here.

HUSBAND: That’s why we need to eat here.

Husband informed them that I wrote for a Bucs blog, which both of them had actually read. “You’re the girl,” said the cap tugger. The other guy nodded. I said out loud that “I don’t want to be known as ‘the girl writer’”. “You did the trivia,” said the other guy. “Trivia Tuesday!” said the first.

Because it was early, we all sat near each other. Here is what I learned (while eating excellent pancakes):

Everyone LOVES Derek Shelton.

They are all REALLY happy to be out playing again.

“We get why those aren’t playing aren’t playing,” said the first player. “I feel fine, everyone feels fine, we just want to play baseball, man.”

“I’m in touch with all my people,” said the other. “I’m playing until they tell me not to.”

Both of the players asked me not to name them, so I’m going by that. I’ll be over here going “wow, they knew Trivia Tuesday.”